Demarcation of boundaries of land ownership

This activity is necessary in a situation where a boundary is unnoticeable on the ground or if there is a dispute between two adjacent owners. It is also advisable to have the demarcation of the boundaries of land ownership checked before the purchase of a plot to avoid any potential later disputes about the course of this boundary.

A component part of the demarcation protocol of land ownership boundaries is a geometric plan specifying the course of a boundary staked out or precisely specified by the owners of plots. This plan, together with an affirmative declaration of agreement on the course of boundaries of plots, which we are also ready to prepare for our clients to sign, is a basis for the deposit of the precise demarcation of boundaries in the Land Register.
By this procedure, our clients will avoid any potential confusion and disputes about the correct course of boundaries and the precise determination of the acreage of their plots in the future.


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