Land Register

Works in the Land Register are essential for its updating and for entering changes associated with newly erected buildings, newly arising parcels of land and the continuous process of refining the boundaries of existing plots. All property owners need such services and appreciate them. One of the most common documents necessary for depositing a change in the Land Register is a geometric plan.

  • Our office is able to meet all your requirements related to works in the Land Register.
  • According to our clients’ needs, we will make any geometric plan necessary for an entry in the Land Register.
  • All our activities in the Land Register are performed in accordance with the latest legislation in force (all acts and regulations currently in force are available on the ČÚZK (Czech Office for Mapping, Surveying and Cadastre) website in the section Předpisy a dokumenty / Regulations and documents).

In connection with the digitization of cadastral maps and greater interest in the precise demarcation of the boundaries of parcels and the determination of their acreage on the part of land owners, land ownership boundaries are currently being fixed with greater precision. In this context, the elaboration of geometric plans is essential. A geometric plan for a more precise layout or for the correction of the geometric and positional layout of a parcel belongs to the most complex documents; our company has rich experience in the staking out and refining of ownership boundaries.

The public may access the Land Register by means of the application “Access to the Land Register”, which is available at

Starting from 1. 1. 2013 it is stipulated by law that a proposal for the permission to make a deposit may only be submitted on a special form. This form and all the other forms may be found on the ČÚZK website in the section Formuláře / Forms.


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